Friday, August 26, 2011

Directions for Keynote

This morning we will be going into the Computer Lab to create our T/F Quizzes using Keynote. For a video tutorial on Keynote, click here.

To begin, you will need to log into your server. *** Don't forget to "Save as" T/F Quiz the first time in your documents folder. After that, just click on "Save".

1. Open the Keynote

2. Changing Themes: Go to the top bar and choose a theme in the Themes drop down menu.

3. Changing Slide Masters: Change each slide to the same theme via the Masters drop down menu.

4. Adding Text: Make sure you use two separate text boxes -- one for your T/F statement and one for your answer.

Adding Images: To add pictures, click on the Media button at the top of the Keynote slide.

5. Then click on the Photo button. Drag the photos you want to the Keynote. You may also find clip art images here.
Username: ihstudent
Passowrd: 25student

6. Edit: (check for spelling, grammar, punctuation):
a. Go to: Edit
b. Scroll to: Spelling
c. Move over to: Spelling!
d. Change as needed

7. Revise: (read out loud to see if it sounds right, add missing words, sentences, etc.)

8. Slide Transitions: To change how one slide moves to another . . . click on the Inspector button at the top of the Keynote slide.

9. Transitions cont’d . . . :
a. Click on #1
b. Choose transition
c. Choose an effect
d. Keep Start Transition at On Click.

10. Changing Fonts & Sizes:
a. Go to the bar on top of the Keynote slide and click on the chevrons:
b. Next, select Format Bar and/or Fonts
c. Highlight the text that you want to change and choose a different size.
d. Use the Format Bar for simple changes . . .

When you are finished, you may "chat" with your classmates using Primary Pad. Click here.

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