Friday, October 15, 2010

*** Mr. Hengels' Link to the Activity Challenge! ***

L.A./Writing: BLOG - 1. Weekly Reflection: 3 things you learned, 2 ways you contributed, 1 question you have; 2. Post your Fall Poem
Reading: Reading log; Book Trailer Storyboard due Tuesday
Science: NONE
Social Studies: NONE
Miss Lee's Math: SL 3.1; Parent Signature on Grade Report
Other: Overdue Library Books; Picture Forms


  1. Hi Miss Lee.
    I have a question about the book trailer sheet. I don't get how to do the storyboard. Do we have to do what #1 says to do?

  2. Hi Alexis! Ask me about the storyboard in class tomorrow and I'll explain it again to the class.

  3. Hi, I am a little late catching up with my student blogging challenge homework but better late than never. I teach a 5th grade class in Michigan. I really like your blog. You do a lot of interesting activities with your kids.

    Check us out when you get a minute.