Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week in Treasures

Baseball clip:

Take Me Out To The Ball Game from Tom Shanahan on Vimeo.

Women's Baseball clip:

A League of Their Own Trailer from Jacob Smith on Vimeo.

1. A story that has been handed down for years and has some basis in fact is legendary.
2. Muttered means you spoke in a low, unclear way with your mouth closed.
3. Gaped means you stared with your mouth open wide in surprise or wonder.
4. People are snickering if they are laughing in a disrespectful way.
5. An insult is a remark or action that hurts someone's feelings or pride.
6. A fluke is a chance happening or accidental turn of events.
7. If you flinched, you reacted to something unpleasant by drawing back quickly.

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