Monday, October 25, 2010

This Week in Treasures

This film clip of immigrants disembarking from their ship, was shot by Thomas Alva Edison in July 1903. This original footage is over two minutes in length.

Immigrants arrive at Ellis Island from ps183 on Vimeo.

Ellis Island...then and now.

Ellis Island from Parallel Universe on Vimeo.


1. If you overheard someone speaking, you listened without that person knowing.

2. Opportunities are chances to do things.

3. A border is a boundary line that shows how land is separated into units.

4. Labor unions are groups of workers who unite to improve conditions.

5. Strikes are times when workers refuse to work until owners improve job conditions.

6. A citizen pledges to be loyal to a country and has rights from that country.

7. Boycotts are refusals to buy products as ways of protesting prices of poor treatment.

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