Thursday, October 28, 2010

Extra Credit in Communications(Grammar)

If you'd like to earn some extra credit and help other students at the same time, here's a project for you!

Create a Keynote presentation on NOUNS.
Project requirements:
1. Definition of a noun, a common noun, a proper noun, a singular noun, and a plural noun.
2. Five examples of a common noun with images and text
3. Five examples of a proper noun with images and text
4. Five examples of a singular noun with images and text
5. Five examples of a regular plural noun with images and text AND five examples of irregular plural nouns with images and text.
6. Add movement to images and text using build-ins on each slide
7. Add transitions between each slide
8. Add music using Garageband
9. See directions for Making Keynotes into Quicktime Movies and export it onto your blog!

Acceptable sites for images:

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