Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Student Blogs

I'm so excited to announce that you will each be creating your own blogs today! In addition to watching the short, yet informative video on BrainPOP about blogs, here is some more information about blogs.

Get a Voki now!

Please follow these directions for our first lesson:
1. Click on this link to create your blog account.
2. Click on "Log in to my page". Type in your username(all lower case; no space between your first and last name) and password(same password as your server).
3. Click on "settings" on the upper right hand corner.
4. Open up Photo Booth and take a picture of yourself. Drag your photo onto the desktop.
5. Click on the profile image.
6. Click the "browse" button and find your photo on your desktop. Open it and then click "OK".
Click the "save" button on the bottom.
7. Click "blogs" on the top menu bar.
8. Click on the "Create my blog" button on the right hand side.
9. Title your first entry. (i.e. Welcome!) Write a welcome message to your readers and write what you hope to accomplish this year with your blog. Click on the "save" button.
10. Go back to "settings" and click on "blog" on the left side.
11. Choose a theme for your blog and click "OK".
12. Click on the "enabled" button for podcasting and choose "education" for the iTunes category. Click the "save" button on the bottom.
13. Click on "blog access" on the left side.
14. Under "comment moderation" change to "only anonymous comments". Click the "save" button on the bottom.
15. Click on the "blogs" button on the top and read your classmates' blog posts.
16. When you are finished, log out of your blog.

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  1. hi miss lee,
    can i do a blog at home like this?