Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are you wondering what to expect with ISAT testing next week?

Click here to access actual practice questions from the 2010 Grade 4 Reading, Math, and Science tests! You can take the tests online and they will be scored for you! This is just practice of course.:) For the reading tests, click on the blue title of the story to read the story before answering the questions.

If you come across questions or concepts you don't understand, please come see me and I'll gladly explain them to you. :)

Here is a GREAT website from the BBC that covers many fun activities in math, reading, and science!  Click here.

*** ISATS are NEXT WEEK! ***
Please be sure to get enough restful sleep next week and eat a healthy breakfast!  

Here is our testing schedule:

10:45 Math I - 40 multiple-choice items

10:45 Math II - 30 multiple choice questions & 3 short response questions

1:30 Reading I - 6 shorter passages w/ 30 multiple choice questions


9:15 Science I - 41 multiple-choice items
Reading II -Two longer passages consisting of:
1 expository passage with 10 multiple-choice items
1 literary passage with 10 multiple-choice items
1 extended-response item

10:45 Math III - 2 extended response questions
Reading III - 2 shorter passages each of which are followed by 5 multiple-choice items
1 longer passage followed by 10 multiple-choice items
1 extended response item

9:15 Science II -
41 multiple-choice items

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