Monday, January 11, 2010

 Congratulations to the following SUPER STARS:
Shannon, Kyra, Shavon, Bridget, Brianna, and Jessica
We will celebrate with a pizza party during lunch on Tuesday.

Reading:  Read for 20 minutes-January Reading Log; Practice p. 96-97
L.A./Writing: DWP - Write a dialogue between two animals that you think might have something interesting to say if they could talk.  Spelling p. 84; Grammar p. 83
Math: SL 5.5 due Wed.
Science: SIJ(Science Inquiry Journal) #9 & #10 due Tuesday, 1/19.
Other: Monday Cursive; WEEKEND BAG due Wed.
Library/LMC: Library books due Friday; Permission slip for epal email due 1/13.
*Note: Words in red indicate assignments for all my homeroom students.

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