Thursday, December 10, 2009

Click on the following questions to write your answers.

What did you name your mock rock?

What has been your favorite moment of our science unit so far?

Thanks to everyone for voting for our class marble party!  More than half of the class voted for a p.j./movie party.  If you have suggestions for a rated G movie that's about 90 minutes long, please email me by Friday morning.  Here are the suggestions I've received so far:  "Toy Story", "Santa Buddies", and "Brother Bears."  I will post another poll for you to vote on when I hear from you. :)

*** Please dress appropriately for the snow and cold weather.  Remember you need to wear snow pants and boots if you want to play in the snow. ***
*** Please sign and return your report card envelope.(#4)***
***Please sign and return the permission slip for our field trip.(#s 4, 9, 11, & 18)  Include the fee. ***

Reading:  Read for 20 minutes-December Reading Log; Reading Test Friday
L.A./Writing:  Spelling p. 69(top only)
Math: Study Link 4.6
Science: SIJ(Science Inquiry Journal) #3 & #4 due MON.
Other: Thursday Cursive; LIBRARY BOOKS
*Note: Words in red indicate assignments for all my homeroom students.

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