Monday, November 9, 2009

* Please turn in your conference confirmation forms ASAP!  (Students #4, 5, & 16)
* H1N1 Vaccination forms are due TOMORROW. 
How to Steal a Dog Lunch Bunch meets tomorrow at 12:15 in the LMC.

L.A./Writing:  DWP: Pick an invention and tell why it is an important one.  Finish Spelling p. 53; Finish Grammar p. 51
Click here to practice Singular Possessive Nouns.
Reading:  Finish Practice p. 59-60; Read for 20 minutes-November Reading Log. 
Social Studies: Finish writing Brown Bag essay(Weekend Items) 
Math: Study Link 3.6(skip Practice) and Study Link 3.7(all)
Other:  Monday Cursive
*Note:  Words in red indicate assignments for all my homeroom students. 

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