Friday, October 2, 2009

Glows and Grows

Our teams discussed the highlights of the past two weeks and the areas we will improve on the next two weeks.
* We worked hard.
* NINE kids in our class made it to STARS lunch!
* We worked together.
* We tried our best on tests.
* We walked in a line.
* We were kind to each other.
* When Miss Lee talked, we didn't.
* We cleaned up.
* We didn't push down our folders during tests.
* We walked quietly down the stairs.
* We didn't skip stairs.
- We will work together with our teams.
- We will improve our Chinese.
- We will walk quietly in the halls.
- We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
- We will not get study hall.
- We will stay quiet.
- We will not talk in class.
- We will turn things in on time.
- We will try not to use our late pass.
- We will walk in a straight line.
- We will finish our morning work on time.

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