Friday, October 9, 2009


* Please share the Ivy Hill Student Council handout with your parents.  If you want more information, click here to see Ms. Csensich and Ms. Zimmermann's iMovie.
* Click here to read this week's Ivy Hill School Backpack Mail.
* Mrs. Polito got us really excited about reading lots of new books!  Click here to see the list of the Eagles' Book Choices.
* The PTA Reflections contest ends October 23rd.  This year's theme is "Beauty Is..."  Contest rules and regulations went home today so please consider entering!  All participants will earn extra credit points in Communication.

L.A./Writing: Finish I Am Poem and Me Bag Essay
Reading: Read for 20 minutes-October Reading Log.
LMC: What's in a Name? Parent Interview -- DUE 10/21.
*Note: Words in red indicate assignments for all my homeroom students.

Our teams shared what we learned this week, the highlights of the week, and the areas we will improve on next week.
What We Learned:
+ In art we learned vanishing point.
+ In science we learned about the healing process of Mount St. Helens.
+ In math we learned how to trade or borrow.
+ In grammar we learned how to separate run-on sentences.
+ We learned new Chinese words from Miss Hu.
+ We learned our Chinese names.
+ We learned more Chinese numbers, the months, and our birth dates.
+ In music we learned new dances.
+ We learned how to write more cursive letters.
+ We learned new things about Matt, our Star of the Week!
* We made it through our first music practice with ALL the fourth graders.
* NINE kids in our class went to STARS lunch!
* We were not too loud in class.
* We worked as hard as we could on our tests.
- We will try not to use our late pass.
- We will walk in a straight line.
- We will walk quietly in the hallway.

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