Friday, September 18, 2009

Glows and Grows

During our class meeting today, we discussed the highlights of the past two weeks and the areas we will improve on next week.
* We tried our best on tests.
* Mrs. Avella complimented our class in Art this week.
* We walked quieter in the hallways and stairways.
* We earned 30 marbles so far!
* We earned beads in every P.E. class!(No yellow cards.)
* We learned to write characters in Chinese and we learned how to say numbers 1-10 in Chinese.  We also learned about Chinese culture.
* Did a good job on both fire drills.
* We worked hard on our MAP tests.

- We will walk in ONE, straight line in the hallways/stairways.
- We will write our assignments down, do our homework, and bring our work back to school.
- We will only talk when it is our turn and be better listeners.
- We will follow all directions the first time they are given.
- We will remember to check the blog.

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