Friday, September 4, 2009

First Week of Fourth Grade -- Glows and Grows!

This afternoon, we reflected on the highlights(glows) of the week and on the things we want to improve on(grows) for next week!  Here is our list:
*We started math 
*We took our first spelling pre-test
*We survived the first week of school!
*We enjoyed the beautiful weather!
*We met new friends
*We listened well 
*We worked well with other classmates

-We will walk quieter and stay in line in the hallway and on the stairs
-We will check the blog every day
-We will work quietly in class

* Read!!! (Sept. Reading Contract & Book Review due  Oct. 1)
* Empty out Left side of Take-home folder
* Scholastic Book Orders due Sept. 20.
Enjoy your LONG weekend!  See you Tuesday!!! 

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